New Years Eve Balloon Drop

At midnight on New Year’s Eve at parties all over the world, there is the world famous balloon drop.  If you have not yet experienced the fun, put it on your bucket list!

We have made balloon drops for New Years Eve, grand openings, product launches, the opening of a convention, the closing of a convention, the grand entrance of a child at his bar mitzvah, the crowning of the homecoming king and queen, just to name a few.  There is always one during the encore at a Rod Stewart concert in Las Vegas (not lucky enough to have created the drop, but lucky enough to have attended a few of his concerts to experience his balloon drops!)

The biggest balloon drops are those made for the democratic and republication conventions when thousands upon thousands of balloons drop on the nominees, their families, and the people lucky enough to attend those conventions.

What is a balloon drop?

A genius came up with the idea of filling a bag with balloons and then have the balloons rain down over a crowd.   I believe Treb Heining, the grandfather of balloon innovation, came up with this idea.  That initial idea has evolved into the drop as we know it today, with a net that is sewn together, rigged, has a pull cord and sits up in the ceiling waiting to come down when the cord is pulled.

Balloon drops even come in shapes!   We do them from 20’ – 50’ long.  We can  make custom nets if people want them even longer than that!  We make them more fun by using different sizes of balloons, including giant 3’ balloons, that the crowds continue to bat back and forth way after the balloon drop bag is empty – thus prolonging the fun!  Our most luxurious one (see the video below of a 50’ luxury drop) was multi sized but also had twinkling balloons in about one quarter of the drop so it was up in the ceiling twinkling all night, creating a magical effect over the party, until it rained down on the crowd, with all these random twinkling balloons raining down too.

We have done balloon drops in strange places – the most challenging one was rigging a drop that was hanging over a building in downtown Phoenix.

New Years Eve is our Super Bowl!  We work for 4 days straight, maximum helpers on board, putting up drops all over the city.  I hope you get to experience one of our balloon drops this year!

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