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Balloon Arches & Columns

The art of balloons, classic balloon décor, made so much more exciting when using different patterns and different balloons. A Balloon Arch and Column is a fun way to make your celebration an impressive one. The Balloon People can create beautiful balloon arches and columns for any occasion.

Balloon Centerpieces

A centerpiece very often sets the stage for the event and brings the theme into the venue. From simple to elaborate, Balloon Centerpieces can fill open space on your event tables.

Balloon Sculptures

Create a WOW with a sculpture themed for your event. Balloon Sculptures are a sure way to draw attention to your theme.

Balloon Drops

We are your balloon drop experts. Balloon drops are perfect for New Years Eve, Weddings, Graduations, Proms, Product Launches, Grand Openings, School Dances & Pep Rallies, Concerts and more!

Room Decor & Stage Decor

Always a focal point at any event and deserves top billing! Can one photo ever tell the whole story?

Photo Frames & Selfie Stations

Balloon Photo Frames and Selfie Stations, Photo Frames can be a great addition to many events, providing a very visual reminder of the event. Balloon Photo Frames can be simple to elaborate.

Holiday Decor

Balloon Holiday Decor is perfect for Malls & Businesses.

Turn your Holiday Display it into an unforgettable experience with high-quality and eye-grabbing holiday decorations from The Balloon People.

Walls & Balloon Tunnels

Welcome your guests with a giant balloon tunnel or a Balloon Wall. A wall is an amazing photo op., logo op., room divider, or backdrop; a tunnel creates a very grand entrance.

Mall Decor

Balloons are a great addition to mall decor. They are big and colorful and when air-filled on structures can last for a couple of weeks. The Balloon People specializes in shopping center/mall and event balloon decorating. Balloons are great for any and all themes!

Balloon Organic Decor

Organic Balloon Decor is the hottest trend right now! Keep your decorations elegant with organic balloon decor. Organic balloonsadds a more customized and free flowing balloon effect for your event.

Parades Balloons

Parade Balloons should be Colorful, fun, memorable! The Balloon People have won awards for our Parade entries over the years.

Signage & Balloon Logos

Branding Baby! Takes your décor to the next level of amazing! Personalize your event any way you want. Balloon signage is perfect for conventions, special events, Promotional Booths, Kiosks and more! Custom promotional balloons are perfect for your logo.

Event Planning

We offer full service event planning, with several packages to choose from: events include bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings and corporate events. Many great references available!

Balloon Bouquets

A Balloon Bouquets for every occasion.

Fun & Bright Balloon Bouquets are Good staples for any event.

Outdoor Balloon Decor

Balloons work great outdoors …. Create some curb appeal for your leasing center with balloons, Grand Opening Balloons, Car Lot Balloons, Outdoor Advertising Balloons, product replicas, Balloons for Parades and Special events The Balloon People offer a wide selection of products for outdoor advertising.

LED Balloon & Lighting

LED Balloon's and Lighting are a fun and unique way to light up any party! This feature that takes your event from ordinary to extraordinary. For glow-in-the-dark balloons that transform a party space, place these LED Balloons.

Car Dealerships Balloon Decor

Adding color and motion to your lot brings in customers! The Balloon People offer Balloons in a variety of sizes and colors for advertising your Car Dealership. Packages available that include initial installation with a choice of services.

Miscellaneous Decor

Candlelighting, Candy Tables & Placecards

They reflect the event theme and provide great photo ops.

The Balloon People offer a wide variety of Balloon Decor, Balloon Arches, Balloon Columns & even Garland.

We specialize in balloon decorations for corporations and large events, and also provide balloon decor services for small private parties.

We can add decor by creating Ceiling Balloon Decorations, Dance Floors displays, & Balloon Drops.

We also create Balloon Walls, Balloon Bouquets & Centerpieces & more!

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