Adopt-A-Grandparent Program

To Spread Joy, Love & Smiles to Phoenix Grandparents




No Hugs!

No Kisses!

No Handshakes!

Only Socially Distanced Visits

No Regularly Scheduled Outings!

As much care as they are receiving from nurses and caregivers, our senior citizens—someone’s Grandma, Grandpa, Bubbe, Zaide - no matter what we call them, need to receive some extra love.

There is so much depression and loneliness among them, it is heartbreaking.


We are so excited to be a part of a nationwide initiative with other balloon professionals around the country to spread the

Please join the movement

to cheer up our seniors!

How does Adopt-A-Grandparent work?

You are adopting a “random” grandparent,

specifically someone you do not know.

With that act of kindness, you are spreading joy

to a complete stranger who might otherwise

not receive that love and attention.


This is a wonderful project that can only give you

that “feel good warm fuzzy feeling”


knowing you have made a difference to someone’s day

and knowing that in this case, nobody gets left out


If you happen to know someone at the community,

you are welcome to specify their info on your order

We will deliver one BALLOON BUDDY to every resident at the current chosen assisted living community We will only deliver to the facility once there is one Balloon Buddy sponsored for every resident. This program will run several months, with a new community chosen each time one is completed, as long as there is an interest

Each resident will receive a Balloon Buddy and an uplifting note from you. The long-lasting Balloon Buddy will easily fit on table/desk/dresser, only standing 28” tall.


If you want to send a Balloon Buddy to a different community, please send us the community’s name (and a contact name if possible). We will contact them to see if they are interested in our Adopt-A-Grandparent program.

Our Current Community is

La Sienna Senior Living Community

50 Balloon Buddies needed here!

In the notes section, please write how you would like your signature line to read on the note we include with your Balloon Buddy (Love the Kades family, Love Francine, Love a special friend, etc.). If nothing is written there, we will do our standard signature with your name and last name.

For every 10 grandparents you adopt yourself, we will donate 2 Balloon Buddies and you will receive social media Recognition.

If you adopt an entire Assisted Living Community of 50 or more residents:

We will put your company logo (if applicable) or your name on the gift tags that are attached to each Balloon Buddy.


Your selected community will be next on our list as soon as we complete the one we are currently serving.


We will deliver a special thank you balloon design to your business or home to lift spirits there.



Certified Balloon Artist

If you’d like to throw a truly memorable event, call Francine Kades at 602.359.2238 or e-mail us so we can begin working on a celebration that you and your guests will never forget!

We'd love to talk to you!