Graduation Balloons

Graduations invoke many words in our minds: caps, gowns, student loans, dreams, kids leaving home…. I am usually very excited that graduation season is upon us because it usually means big business for us, but this year is different.  For the second time, I am a parent of a grad and it is really bittersweet because my baby is leaving the nest!  I have to remember that this is a time of celebrations, ceremonies, parties and that leads us to balloons!  My favorite!


Every year when graduation seasons comes upon me, I think of all the schools that need balloon drops, balloon arches, balloon backdrops – these can be full balloon photo frames, organic balloon walls, balloon columns on the sides of a backdrop, balloon bouquets…anything that brightens up that huge gymnasium, that transforms the area with life and color.  There is no other medium out there that has the ability to quickly fill up large areas of space with color, movement, excitement, and beauty!  They don’t always know what they need or that they need anything until they call me!


I am excited to visit any school to see how we can transform their graduation ceremony into one to remember.  We will see what décor will work, what types of ceilings they have, whether we can hang balloons down or if they need to come from the ground up.  Not all graduations are held at the schools; sometimes they are in an arena, an outdoor space, a hall – so all are not created equal – but all will benefit from the world of balloons.

After the ceremony, there are so many parties at private homes or again, at venues. Balloons are needed there too!  Last year I could not keep count of the amount of photo frames we did, all in the different school colors, with the year and name of the school.  What a great memory!  30 years from now, when somebody is flipping through their computer brain, they will find this photo and remember the day way back when we still left our homes and visited other people – OK that was a joke J


I feel so lucky to be part of a group of people that are able to transform events from ordinary to extraordinary every day.  Please call me at (602) 359-2238 to see what we can do to infuse the WOW factor into your party or visit our website first at to get some ideas.


See you in Graduation Haven!




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