Local balloon company participates in worldwide art event


Francine Kades, owner of the Balloon People, was one of hundreds of balloon

artists who participated in One Million Bubbles of Hope on April 11. Kades designed balloon displays of bees and flowers in her Scottsdale neighborhood using the theme “Be Kind, Be Safe.”

“It’s just something that balloon companies around the world have been encouraged to do, just to spread a little joy in your neighborhood,” Kades said. “The celebration poles that we’re doing, neighbors will walk past and send me emails saying, ‘Thank you so much for putting those balloons outside, it gave us hope.’ Balloons are really making people happy right now, and it’s so nice.”

Over 350 balloon companies from around the world participated in the first One Million Bubbles of Hope event on March 26, and over 1,300 participated on April 11. In addition to One Million Bubbles, the Balloon People have also been delivering what Kades calls “social distancing balloon bouquets” and maintaining a balloon sign at Honor Health in Scottsdale to thank health care workers.

“They’re really making people happy,” Kades said. “I really do take it to heart. It’s done with love, and if we can make people happy, then that makes us happy, because people are so miserable right now.” JN

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