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Balloon Decor,

You’ve come a long way Baby!

Balloon décor should be a part of every event. There is nothing that can transform a space into something magical like balloons can.

If you are looking for creative way to enhance your upcoming event, look no further than some of these balloon ideas.  There are so many choices these days that is is really hard to choose just one


  1. Balloon Bouquet

Gone are the days of 5 balloons on ribbon.  Impress even the most discerning party goer with your oversized balloon bouquets with latex balloons in all different colors and sizes, and take the decor up a notch by mixing in some foils to match the them.

As for the type of balloons, they can be colorful, monotone, filled with glitter or large pieces of confetti, or even large balloons wrapped in tulle!

Balloon Bouquet



  1. Balloon Drops

Balloon drops are a mainstay for big events  – graduations, New Years Eve, launches, grand openings are just a few times that you would have a balloon drop!  They are fun, people love them and not everybody has experienced a balloon drop!


Balloon Drops


  1. Balloon Arches and Garlands

Balloons arches have always been synonomous with décor but now  the latest trend in balloon décor is the organic garland, which can be created in so many ways. With the regular ballon arch, You can choose anything from one color, 2, 3 and 4 colors with fancy arch patterns or you can do the random look of the organic balloon garland, without the price tag.

Organic balloon garladns come in all shapes and sizes and can be placed in so many shapes and places, making them incredibly versatile.

Balloon Arches and garlands


Balloon Arches and garlands


Traditional balloon arches can be as simple as a one strand string of pearls balloon arch, to 4-pack garlands to something grand like this balloon tunnel.



  1. Balloon Columns

Whether you have a traditional balloon column, a super tall balloon column or an organic type ccolumn, we got you covered!

Balloon Columns



  1. Balloon Sculpture

From larger than life to manageable, we have you covered for balloons sculptures.  We recently created these balloon cowboy boot sculptures.   Both the huge balloon taco and Converse All Stars balloon sneaker are a couple of my absolute fave balloon sculptures. 

Balloon Sculpture


Balloon Sculpture


Balloon Sculpture


Balloon Sculpture


If you love balloons fan and need ideas for your  upcoming event, let the certified balloon artists at The Balloon People transform your dream into a reality!


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